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DSR Audio

(Formerly Dusty's Speaker Repair)

Welcome to DSR Audio

We are a full-service loudspeaker rebuilding facility, specializing in vintage speaker repair.  We offer full restoration services for speakers from the Golden Age of Sound, as well the rebuilding of modern speakers and horn drivers.  Full Paintwork and reproduction labels are available upon request.

Vintage speakers never really die.  The quality of the original designs, the materials used, construction techniques and the hand-crafted attention to detail are not duplicable in modern commercially available speakers. At DSR Audio we re-build vintage speakers from the ground up with the same craftsmanship and attention to detail - meeting or exceeding the original quality of these remarkable audio components.

That old speaker you blew up or damaged years ago, the one you’ve had in storage ... waiting, their magnets sweetening over the passage of time, is calling out to be reborn.

There is magic in there ... waiting to be brought out.  Your old speakers can sound better than they ever did, better than any new speaker you can buy.

At DSR, our reputation and customer service is world-class.


JBL D131